The POTY award to Ryan Giggs is bogus

What happened to Frank Lampard?
I love Ryan Giggs but this year’s POTY award is bogus. It took only 12 starts this year to convince the PFA that Giggs was invaluable to his club?
In fact, his acceptance speech sounded very much like the PFA had decided to give him a special award that aggregated his 18 years of service to Man Utd.
The Man U back four except for Gary Neville made the PFA team of the year. How about including the Fulham defense for a full and fairer set? They looked pretty good in that Man U loss.

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One comment on “The POTY award to Ryan Giggs is bogus
  1. Actually, Giggs has played over 40 games this season, he’s just only had 12 Premier League starts. This award isn’t only based on the EPL form, but it’s based on anything the other players decide it is. If English Premier League players see him playing well in Europe, or the FA Cup or in the League, then that’s what will make their minds up.
    I don’t really see why people are getting up in arms about this award. It’s not like he won FIFA Player of the Year. It’s just an award voted on by fellow footballers. They obviously appreciated his tremendous mental and physical ability to still be playing at this level after so many years. How many 35 year old players can play 40+ games and even be nominated for player of the year in any league, nevermind the Premier League?
    Also, here’s an interesting stat from Giggs: For every 20 minutes of play, he got 1 assist. 18 assists for the season. Who else can boast that? Probably not many.
    As for the United back 4, that’s just the TOTS falling victim to the fact that voting is done in February. I agree that Vidic and maybe Ferdinand are the only ones who should have been in there.

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