Video: 2002 FA Cup final: Arsenal vs Chelsea

Good times. No, awesome times. Wonder goals by Ray Parlour and Freddie”Orange Hair” Ljungberg.
It always comes as a bit of a shock: The number of English players in the 2002 squad:
Parlour, Keown, Adams, Dixon, Campbell, Cole, Wright, and Seaman.
It puts into context the snide criticism of Wenger as one of the culprits held responsible for undermining the national game by encouraging the foreign invasion. Now that Capello seems to be winning matches handily, it seems to have subsided.
On the wrong side, a very young John Terry, Frank Lampard, Carlo Cudicini, and William Gallas saw their team go down. As did Petit who spurned his old club to come back to Chelsea. Wrong move, Emmanuel! You should have counseled Ashley Cole too.

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