What happened to all the Rapid’s Arsenal brouhaha?

Dick’s Sporting Good Park, home to the Colorado Rapids can seat about 19,000 fans. Their matches are averaging a shade below 12,000.
Max Bretos just brought up an important point.
Two years ago, Rapids owner Stan Kroenke used his share holding position to build an alliance with Arsenal which would be used to exchange commercial and marketing information. The agreement also includes developing an Arsenal Center of Excellence and an Arsenal Cup for US based youth soccer clubs.
So strong was the brand attachment that the Rapids had considered changing their names to Colorado Arsenal or Arsenal Colorado and actually registered these websites to prevent cybersquatting. A change to Arsenal’s famous red and white colours was even considered. Just like Beveren, Arsenal’s Belgian based feeder club, it was natural to assume that these development could mean that the Rapids could be groomed to provide Arsenal talent. At the other end move Arsenal reserve players to the Rapids on loan. All these exciting developments should have translated into more fans coming to watch Rapids matches.
But it is not happening. In fact, fan attendance has been falling. Instead, Kroenke seems to be devoting more time to acquiring Arsenal and not to his own team and its mediocre record and attendance.

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