Adriano and Ronaldo missing on opening day

Tim Vickery, passionate follower of Brazil’s hallowed sport, observes that some big time players were MIA on opening day of the national championship.
He cautioned against reading too much into the return of these stars to the domestic game. It does not mean that the Brazilian league have found the magic elixir. And if Wenger is looking for cheap talent (cue eye roll) to bolster the defense, then he should pursue Boca’s Juan Daniel Forlin.
Meanwhile Brazilian sports medicine gets a shout out with the amazing job that they do with rehabilitating injured stars that Europe has given up on. Ronaldo appears to have been reborn.
I can vouch for this approach. I go back to India every year to find an extra inch in my trousers and the tailors there always find it. My waistline has burgeoned but its the same trousers that I partied in 1999.

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