Berlusconi shuts the door on Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti is probably going to come to Chelsea after all. He can play coy. The fact is that his boss wants him gone.
“E ‘tutta colpa di Ancelotti.”
Silvio Berlusconi has laid the blame (link in Italian) on Milan’s fading chances to win the scudetto squarely on Carlo Ancelotti. He believes with the quality of personnel on the field, Milan should have been ahead of Inter comfortably. He questioned Ancelotti’s tactic of using Ronaldinho from the bench. The defensive woes which see Milan give up easy goals late in the game.
It was quite extraordinary, given that the outburst took place in Egypt where Berlusconi was attending a summit with Mubarak. Obviously the draw with Juve weighed heavily on his mind when Milan was unable to take advantage of Inter’s stumble against Chievo. The Italian premier gave his opinion on Ancelotti at a dinner at the Sharm El Sheik with Italian dignitaries and tourists in attendance.

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