Flamini should be part of Milan’s Adebayor negotiations

This tough cookie should be part of the deal
It as they say, quite complicated. Adebayor has been talking from both sides of his mouth which helps him maintain his options. Does he have the gumption to stick it out with his stock hitting rock bottom or start anew?
Silvio Berlusconi is very keen on landing the Togolese striker but Milan’s summer shows a lot of upheaval. Ancelotti in now a certainty for the Chelsea job and his move is likely to be confirmed after the FA Cup. Kaka is being wooed as part of the relocation.
There is going to be a mass retrenchment forced upon Milan with retirements, injuries, and transfers once the Ancelotti era ends. Maldini has announced his last season. Seedorf is on the bubble. Nesta and Gattuso’s careers have been undermined by serious injuries. Becks and Sheva will walk away. The new manager will have to shake up the midfield and attack with sub par performances from Pirlo and Ambrosini. Ronaldinho’s trajectory is on the wane. Up front, Inzaghi is the lone ranger.
Milan needs more firepower. So getting a striker like Adebayor will be a huge priority. If Milan is serious about getting Ade then Wenger should also press Flamini’s return as part of the deal.
Flamini has seen a revised role in Ancelotti’s scheme. After being overlooked the first half of the season, he has been pigeonholed at right back. It is not a good situation. Flamini was a natural fit at Arsenal. He is also proven quality. With him holding the middle, he drastically improved Fabregas game. The Spaniard was left free to use his uncanny vision and passing skills. Flamini’s work rate was phenomenal. He was also a fan favourite. A Flamini return would sharpen the amorphous midfield that we have at the moment.

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4 comments on “Flamini should be part of Milan’s Adebayor negotiations
  1. how inetresting, i did love the player. But Arsene never takes back players like this. We really needed him this year!

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