Franck Ribery: Man with long scar much wanted

What is Man U using? AIG bailout money?
Ribery is definitely not worth £63m.
Great on and off the ball but he is not a goal scorer. You need a 20+ goalscorer to match Ronaldo’s production. Rooney, Tevez and Berbatov generate 30-35. The rest of the squad chips in another 15-20. Any less will be fatal to their chances. Unless Kiki Macheda lives up to the George Best hype.
Its unreal to see these football valuations when the financial world has crumbled with pennies on the dollar offered for all those CDOs that caused this recession.
Ribery is probably about half that amount, if that. In the unlikely event bumbling Bayern does achieve a title by him kicking the winning goal on the final day, throw in another £5m.

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