Here we go again: Sir Alex has a grouse

Nemanja Vidic was an undoubted success in Man Utd’s reaching for the moon. No one denies that. Despite the much lampooned Vidic moment played out endlessly to You Tube rap song remixes when Torres took him to the cleaners in a 4-1 drubbing over Man Utd.
Ryan Giggs won the PFA award in dubious circumstances, on the strength of an Oscar worthy lifetime award, just not this season. Everyone rolled over. We celebrated the good guy passed over in his prime finally getting the PFA, with misty eyes.
Yet, we are treated to the selfish spectacle of Sir Alex complaining about Steven Gerrard getting the Football Writers Association award. What did Gerrard do? Waterboard the journalists? Or actually prove that because of his form, Liverpool have gotten the closest in years to challenging for the title.
I should also add on the 20th year anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, Gerrard shouldered the pain and despair of a club and its supporters admirably. A seminal moment in football history that led to far reaching reforms which ensured better playing circumstances for everyone, including Man Utd. Sometimes moments like this transcend the nuts and bolts of winning a title.
So zip it, Sir Alex. You tarnish your accomplishments with your constant whining.

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3 comments on “Here we go again: Sir Alex has a grouse
  1. “Gerrard has shouldered the pain and despair……”
    oh purleeeeese….
    Is that why he gets away with constant diving? In fact, not only does he get away with it, he gets rewarded for it. He kicked the ball at the grounded Boswinga from 2 metres away when they played Chelsea, right under the ref’s nose, in the full knowledge that he’d get away with it. And that’s the worrying part. He knows he’ll get away with it. Had that been Rooney, never mind Ronaldo: instant red card. Two footed tackles, attempts to referee the game and of course his party piece, the “starfish” dive. He knows he can get away with it. Liverpool are one of the more physical teams in the PL yet haven’t had one player sent off – but, astonishingly, they’ve had at least TEN opponents sent off. That’s nearly a third of the season playing against ten men. How many penalties have they had compared to United? They’ve got 20-odd explayers and devotees in the TV and radio media ranting at every injustice on their behalf. It has it’s effect on referees. Facht.

  2. Red Rupert….
    I admire your quirky vision mate.
    And SAF is right…..WTF has he done??? What has he achieved???
    Benitez is saying that they would win the EPL if Torres and Gerrard would stay fit all season. And If we would have Ronaldo fit at the start of the season, we would never have to chase them. And how about constant injuries to Rio, and absent Hargraves????
    Liverpool fans (lots of them, same as an author of this article) will never give us credit. And they never have a valid argument.

  3. now the fat Spanish waiter is moaning again that they can’t compete with us in the transfer market. One area where that argument falls down: Rafa, you’ve easily outspent Fergie since you’ve been at Anfailed and you’ve still failed. I think the problem you’re ignoring is that you keep buying players and then deciding they’re not good enough and then sell them on again. Robbie Keane the most recent and notable blunder. So I’d say you’re not a very good judge of a player. So, apart from playing a third of the seasonagainst ten men, having numerous penalties, nobody sent off, having no money to spend when you’ve actually spent zillions, bent refs who only give you twice the amount of penalties that United get and never send a Liverpool player off, what’s your next excuse?

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