In the real world, will Bayern hang onto a CL spot?

Dzeko cuts a heroic figure
In the alternate world of The True Table or if referees were perfect, then Bayern would have leapfrogged over Stuttgart and Wolfsburg to a comfortable Bundesliga title. Cold comfort for Juergen Klinsmann indeed.
What do we get out of this exercise in keeping tabs on refereeing blunders. A grand conspiracy to keep Germany’s most hated club from winning one more title. A support group for human imperfections. A pointed statement to install video replay technology. Another reason to hate the man with the whistle.
In the real world it is evident that Grafite and Edin Dzeko are having the time of their lives. A 30 year old Brazilian journeyman is teaming up with a 23 year Bosnian wonder boy for the most lethal striking tandem in Bundesliga history. They have scored 51 goals with Grafite up by one goal over Dzeko. Wolfsburg latest victim was Hannover who got their clock cleaned out losing 5-0. Grafite scored a brace while Dzeko recorded a hat trick.
Bayern would have been done in by Hoffenheim if it was not for a last gasp Luca Toni equalizer. Franck Ribery showed why he remains a Man Utd target as he single handedly kept Bayern in the game as they drew 2-2 with Hoffenheim. The French midfielder was outstanding, as the rest of the team muddled through.
The draw most likely means their death rattle in winning the title. They fall behind Wolfsburg by two points and even further in goal differential. But the match was even more damaging to their CL prospects.
They have their work cut out as their last match is against Stuttgart. Only goal differential separate these two. Hertha is in fourth position, a point behind. The first two spots get automatic entry into the CL while the third enters the qualification round. The Stuttgart game is now a must win. That is because they have to assume a Hertha win over relegated Karlsruher. A draw will not suffice.

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One comment on “In the real world, will Bayern hang onto a CL spot?
  1. The alternate world of The True Table is a big pile of hypothetical bullshit.
    First of all, members of this site vote and decide whether the ref got it right or wrong. The majority of the members are incidentally Bayern fans because incidentally Bayern has the most fans in general. Then there’s the way of handling bad calls. A penalty is e.g. automatically counted as a goal, despite the fact that goalkeepers tend to save a penalty now and then. And then there is the biggest chaos theoretical problem: Bayern beat Leverkusen 3-0 in midweek. Bayern were second best in the first half and Leverkusen should have gotten two penalties. Presuming Leverkusen get both calls and convert both penalties and go into the break with a 2-0 lead then it’s still possible that Bayern score three unanswered goals in the second half but probably much, much less likely. Yet, despite two horrendous calls in Bayern’s favour this game is rated as a 3-2 victory for Bayern on this site, because it presumes Bayern would have still scored those three goals. And you’ve got tons of similar problems. E.g. a team trailing 1-0 is wrongly denied a goal and later gets caught on a counter attack because it keeps opening up and loses 2-0. The team that benefitted from the bad call still wins 2-1 on this site.
    No serious publication should consider such a hypothetical and highly doctored table.

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