Klinsi hits back at Bayern’s narcisstic bosses

On the eve of the Wolfsburg success, Klinsmann had much to say of his former overseers.
“They are all alpha males and also need their space,” he said. “They are all personalities you have to work with.”
He also said that his departure was premature.
“The most hurtful thing for me was feeling I could have finished the job,” he said. “I could have led Bayern to the German league title.”
Klinsi, it is not you fault. Your former club suffers from dissociated identity disorder.
The imperious and distant Der Kaiser, the comically upbeat Karl Heinz Rummenigge, the paranoid and angry Uli Hoeness, the skulking and secretive Paul Breitner, and a composite character called Breitnigge. Read all about it >>

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