Rangers: Its all mirth and Lafferty

Having a good lafferty at Mulgrew’s expense?
Charlie Mulgrew found out after being sent off in a Oscar worthy moment by Kyle Lafferty. The Rangers forward fell feigning injury over a head butt with the Aberdeen defender. The fracas resulted in Mulgrew’s expulsion. It would have made (insert here customary cheap pot shot at) Cristiano Ronaldo proud. Lafferty then winked at the bench.
Later, he posted a public apology on Rangers website. The SPL will impose a prospective penalty that kicks in next season. For now, Lafferty gets to play the final match against Dundee.
A controversy that might make Aberdeen vs Rangers matches a bit tetchy in the future but Rangers now have to fancy their title chances. They beat Aberdeen, 2-1.
Celtics lost quite a bit of steam drawing Hibs, 0-0. They fall two points behind Rangers.
It should set up a fascinating last day with Celtics taking on third placed Hearts at home while Rangers travel to fourth placed Dundee. Celtics have been very good at home while Rangers have the best road record. Celtics have a goal advantage over Rangers. It could all come down to goal differential.

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