Sol Campbell finds a bit of vindication

Its been 8 years since Sol Campbell left Spurs for Arsenal. For some fans, this was the final word in back stabbing. They reacted badly. Its been tough for him every time he returns to White Hart Lane.
Campbell might be a bit more relieved that a few of the most vituperative lot have been found guilty of homophobic chants against him.
A somewhat simpler explanation for all the ire. Spurs have never shown any consistent improvement in their defense, their Achilles heel in attaining a higher place in the league. Since Campbell left in 2001, they have conceded 40 goals or less only once, in 2006 when they achieved 5th place under Martin Jol conceding just 38 goals.
2001-2002: Goals against- 53
2002-2003: Goals against- 62
2003-2004: Goals against- 57
2004-2005: Goals against- 41
2005-2006: Goals against- 38
2006-2007: Goals against- 54
2007-2008: Goals against- 61

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