Usmanov wants to defray Emirates cost

Arseblog uses Jabba the Usmanov which I think is a perfect moniker. Well, the Uzbeki metal king wants to use his depleted bank balance to help the Gunners cover some of the debt associated with the stadium, so as to open up the transfer budget. It is as Arseblog says, a clever move, taking the side of the fans when he mentions that raising ticket prices is not the answer.
Nice populist gesture. But what is the quid pro quo? A takeover obviously. Of course, if that happens, ticket prices will be raised nonetheless, this time to pay him back. Yes, your money will go to a numbered account in the Cayman islands. There is no way a businessman who lost 74% of his wealth is going to hand out freebies.
I think all parties interested in the future of Arsenal need a way forward to reduce the debt. Which means setting aside personal ambitions for the summer and working together to get the players needed. It is going to be difficult what with Arsenal’s byzantine boardroom politics calling for George Mitchell like negotiating skills. I think Ivan Gazidis will be a very busy man.

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One comment on “Usmanov wants to defray Emirates cost
  1. funny, what’s the catch u’ve got to wonder. for Usmanov, a thorough Bizman to want oto defray d cost of debt….stinks of hidden agenda, but if sincere, pls av your way.

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