Video: Man Utd will not be denied

Link: Manchester United V Arsenal 16.05.09 MotD highlights f54

Man Utd once again crested the pinnacle. Arsenal played a much improved game and at moments looked threatening but Utd was far too strong defensively to let this game go. The draw was enough for the Premiership title.
RVP had Arsenal’s best chance of the match. It should have been a sure goal but he mistimed the header and the ball went sailing harmlessly over the crossbar. Its been a frustrating season for him with injuries and a loss of form. Fabianski was solid, snuffing out Ronaldo and Tevez’s dangerous moves in the box. At the opposite end, Rooney could have put Man Utd ahead but his header missed the near post by inches. The Gunners piled on the pressure in the last quarter of the match with Fabregas coming close as his shot hit the woodwork but finally time ran out.
Tevez was substituted and the Argentinian walked off with Old Trafford chanting his name calling Sir Alex to keep him in the club. He could not have asked for a better vote of confidence.
It was Man Utd’s 18th title, 11 of them Premiership, and they now equal Liverpool’s record. Rafa Benitez can live in a world of denial but the fact is that their challenge came to an end today.
Congratulations to Man Utd. Once again the club as its wont, overcame moments of doubt, pulling themselves up, through sheer force of character and desire, to win. I have to say as integral as Ronaldo is to the club’s success, it is Wayne Rooney who is the fiercest spirit of them all.

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