Video: Steve McLaren’s “Dutch accent”

FC Twente’s ascent up the Eredivisie has gone a some ways in rehabilitating the image of the much maligned ex-England manager. Steve McLaren’s resume now includes a Dutch accent picked up at beer nights. He does a passable impression of Guus Hiddink, which might make him attractive to Boro, his former club who might be walking out Gareth Southgate.
Meanwhile Richard Williams can barely contain himself at the prospect of that rarest of species: A winning English coach. What next, peace in the Middle East?

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2 comments on “Video: Steve McLaren’s “Dutch accent”
  1. This video is almost a year old. Will you be telling us who won the US presidential election next?

  2. Tom,
    Not everything old is bad.
    Plus, the context is McLaren’s FC Twente success. The video is a funny reminder of what McLaren perceived as acceptance. He may have been trying too hard because his last job was a failure.

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