Wenger says he will stay

All smoke no fire in that small brouhaha which Peter Hill Wood set off over the weekend with his rant against shareholders asking “disgraceful questions” of Wenger.
Today, Wenger committed himself to staying on at Arsenal. Florentino Perez better look elsewhere.
A comment here:
For some entrenched Arsenal bloggers who pooh pooh the notion that we should go “for Ednkdhfg Dzumbhfgrizo from random Bundelisga side for £4m”. These are the same commentators who presently get lathered up over Arshavin. They would have discounted his arrival at the Emirates too. As well as Eduardo. Yep, playing in a random Bundesliga side is reason enough to turn our noses up at them. The disquieting noises that the club maybe putting up a paltry £13m, add to it Adebayor’s plus a few others transfer fees, gets you a transfer budget in the vicinity of £50m. Even if the £13m figure is not strictly true; the club even if it does have the money, might choose not to invest in big name players. Wenger’s recent signings from smaller leagues show a pattern. Older players who have proven central to their club’s success as well have international experience in their resume. Someone like Edin Dzeko who has that profile could very well be on his radar. It all depends on a careful balance between priorities and the money given to them. But lets forget that cheap shot at random Bundesliga sides. We may fault Wenger for his preoccupation with youthful talent but even he is not that willfully arrogant.

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