Will Phil Brown get his comeuppance?

The media has painted a bulls eye on Phil Brown as he tries to keep a leaky Hull afloat. He has banded together a motley alliance of detractors from Stoke City to Arsenal, who have even created a Facebook page “for all those who hate the orange-faced, goatee-bearded moron”.
When he gets someone who fights in his corner, it makes news.
Hull meets a revamped Man Utd team which should start Nani, Gibson, Kiki Macheda and Danny Wellbeck. Sir Alex has been accused of going soft but even Utd’s second stringers are better than anyone that Hull puts out on the pitch.
It has been a second half implosion for Hull who have given away goals by the gallons. Up front injuries to their forwards have rendered the attack ineffective with their defenders lead by Michael Turner matching them in output.
If all the relegation zone teams lose then Hull is safe. The Magpies and Boro join West Brom.
Hull is just above the drop zone and if they can manage to hold Man Utd to a draw they should be safe. The main challenge comes from the Magpies who have a point less but have some padding with a much better goal differential. Hull will be hoping that Villa’s trend of drawing matches against lesser teams continues. Alan Shearer’s team is looking for a similar inspirational moment that Obafemi Martins provided against Boro.
Boro are further back three point behind with an insurmountable goal differential. Gareth Southgate has to hope for a Magpies loss but first they need to win against the stumbling Hammers who have won only one in their last six.
The real story of course, would be the relegation of Newcastle. Richard Scudamore has essentially written it off if it does happen, as a sentimental loss but with minimal impact on the business of the Premiership.

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