Blatter says USA’s problem is “bad timing”

If the sky is falling on US soccer then Blatter says he knows the reason why – and for a change he seems to be making sense.
The US soccer season takes place at the wrong time and soccer does not have enough of their own stadia for the games…”Therefore, they have to play their season from March to October this is not good timing – if you compare with Europe and some other countries.American soccer will have to turn its season around if it ever wants to compete with the giants of world football.”
‘That cautionary challenge was delivered by FIFA president Sepp Blatter before the United States were outclassed by Brazil in Group B of the Confederations Cup. But his words may have even more resonance after the manner in which the Americans were virtually dismissed from the tournament’
Blatter was commenting on the progress of soccer in the US since the country had hosted the World Cup back in 1994.
He added: “On the other hand, what happens is that all your best American players play in Europe; the squad here at the Confederations Cup mostly all play in Europe. So the present situation is not the right solution for MLS. They have to adapt themselves to the main international calendar and then they can find success – but not as long as they have the present procedure.”
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