Confederations Cup and the horns of a dilemma

The horns are causing the dilemma actually.If you are watching the games on ESPN you will hear the overenthusiastic horn players in the crowds producing an irritating incessant humming noise that just goes on and on without a break.My long suffering elocution teacher would have said that it reminded her of the “hum of innumerable bees”
It’s a ghastly sound effect.Whatever happened to the anthems?

Christian tells us that the correct name for the instrument of torture is not horn but vuvuzela…. and also that it takes some skill to play it properly.That’s for sure anyway….!
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One comment on “Confederations Cup and the horns of a dilemma
  1. This audio on ESPN is a migraine waiting to happen. It’s absolutely unlistenable. The vuvuzela “buzzing bees” ruins the telecast. It’s a fairly specific frequency that could be filtered out and noise reduced by probably 70%. ESPN should look into it. I enjoy listening to the commentators during the games, but this makes it unwatchable.

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