Confederations Cup: USA storms into the semi-finals

“Storms” is a nice word. Nay, its a great word.
It however describes the US win against a wan Egyptian effort that looked not just nonchalant but spent.
The picture entering the match was that the US needed not only a win but a win big enough to erase a negative goal differential of -5 which needed massive help from the Brazilians. With a superior goal differential of +1 and 0 for the Italians and the Egyptians, respectively it was very likely that one of these two teams were going to join the Brazilians.
Everything clicked for the US.

  • The Egyptians were minus Mohamed Zidan, out with a hamstring injury. The in form striker has been a huge factor in Egypt’s international success. He was sorely missed.
  • Andrea Dossena’s own goal helped add to Brazil’s 3-0 decimation of Italy.
  • The US did their part as they scored through Charlie Davis, Michael Bradley, and Clint Dempsey. The third goal was big for Dempsey as he was being lampooned for his somnambulism during this competition.

In the end, the Azzurri went from a +1 to a -2 and the Pharoahs went from a 0 to -3. The Italians tied with the US with the goal differential being -2. It would not be enough but wait:

  • Landon Donovan’s PK against the Italians proved to be decisive.

I hate to say this but I do expect a few cars to be burned tonight in Cairo. The Egyptians even without the services of Zidan should have gotten though. From a historic win to an epic failure only adds to the image of Egypt as a country that has loads of talent but fails to put it together consistently for the big competitions. Hassan Shehata’s immediate concern is now to revive his country’s World Cup hopes.
The US meanwhile get to test themselves one more time against big names, the biggest one yet, Spain.

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