Cristiano Ronaldo’s buyout clause equals Eritrea’s GDP

Ronaldo is worth more than the salaries of 5,291,370 Eritreans
If Eritrea is brazen enough to bid for Ronaldo, they will have to virtually cede the total market value of all consumer goods and services produced annually to be able to afford his buyout clause of 1,000,000,000 euros. There are 30 countries with annual GDP’s less than CR’s value which include Bhutan, Guyana, Liberia, Burundi, BVI, and all of the Pacific atoll.
Man Utd might have cunning plans to annex booming Gibraltar to get back Ronaldo in the next six years but it still would not do. Which makes it, ahem, less rock like.
A year ago, Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook could have sold off all his shares to get Ronaldo. This year, FB’s CEO would have to raise his personal wealth three fold. How about those football moghuls? Roman Abramovich would probably end his pursuit of Pirlo or Ribery with another 15% drop in his net worth. Alisher Usmanov with his designs on Arsenal would be rendered penniless.
Ronaldo’s price would cut off the Taliban insurgency and bankrupt Afghanistan’s most potent export. Only for a year. But it might be enough for the US forces to gain the upper hand.
How would Ronaldo’s buyout impact Real and Spain?
Real would have had to let go their last 66 signings to be able to afford their own buy out clause.
Spain’s air travelers could face problems. Air Comet would have to sell of its entire Airbus fleet of 12 planes, ground its flight operations to Europe, Latin, and South America, and would still be unable to land Ronaldo.
Ronaldo’s 1 billion euros would provide approximately 40,000 Spanish jobs resulting in a 1% drop in the 17.4% unemployment rate.

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4 comments on “Cristiano Ronaldo’s buyout clause equals Eritrea’s GDP
  1. Ronaldo wishes he was an Eritrean !
    This is what Time Magazine wrote about Eritrea:
    “By logic, the Nation of Eritrea (pop. 3 million) should not exist. The secessionist province’s independence fighters ought never to have defeated Ethiopia in their 30-year-long struggle. They were outmanned, outgunned, abandoned or betrayed by every ally; their cause was hopeless. They won by force of character, a unity and determination so steely not all the modern armaments, super power support or economic superiority of Ethiopia could withstand it. The spirit that saw the Eritreans through 10 years in the trenches of their mountain redoubt at Nakfa has built them a Nation from scratch; since independence was finally consummated in 1993.” ~ MARCH 30, 1998 TIME MAGAZINE
    Yes Eritrea is a poor country in monetary terms, but the nation is rich in highly determined people, vibrant culture, harmonious societies and untapped vast amount of natural resources of Gold, Cooper, Zinc, oil and natural gases.
    Let’s not forget that Eritrea is a young nation; an 18 years old nation. When Eritrea gained its independence in 1991, the people received a war ravaged country with its manufacturing plants, factories, business looted by the various colonial powers who occupied the nation for almost a century. Eritreans had to build a nation from scratch. From Zero! Imagine that ! And they decided to build the nation without any outside help, relaying only on their own human and material resources. They introduced a unique and brilliant “self-reliance” program which has shown promising results. Eritrea has achieved more in 18 years than most aid-addict countries in their over 80-100 years history! That is a fact !
    Eritrea is the ONLY country in the world who fiercely refused to receive the billions of dollars of aid given to poor countries. And that is because Eritreans have observed — 80 years and 100 billions of dollars in aid has done nothing for Africans except it crippled their societies rendering the people to live on handouts despite their vast amount of natural resources.
    While most African countries are spoon-fed handouts by the neo-colonialists with self-serving agendas, Eritrea decided to take a different principled approach to tackle the most common challenges Africans are facing which are a legacy of past colonialism and the now neo-colonialism destroying the continent. Eritrea rejected all western aid, and kicked out all aid-agencies, NGOs from the country, so that it’s citizens can work and earn a living in dignity, and to cultivate a strong work ethic among its citizens to ensure they become masters of their own destiny. That is the genius of the Self-reliance program.
    Unfortunately, Eritrea’s self-reliance program is viewed as a “bad example” that could, if left unchecked, show other developing countries that life exists outside the IMF and World Bank walls! And as a result, Eritrea has become a threat – “a threat of a good example”, a beacon of hope in a continent filled with misery and despair, and where Africans, despite their abundant resources, because of corruption and greed, and most of all because of economic programs prescribed by self-serving external forces, have been relegated to live on handouts from the “generous” west…

  2. , roy shourin u are a dumb idiot!
    dumb british and or irish, whichever u are..
    whats the point really comparing his buyout with gdp’s? Are u trying to stress the fact that it is taking a lot of money to buy him. U dont have to stress that cuz everyone with an average intelligence doesnt need ur persuasion that it is a lot of money they r spending to buy him out.
    People like u , in critical thinking, are called
    NO Knowledge parrots, keep repeating obvious things, u have no substance, it is substandard writing.

  3. You may not know it but you are ignorant, Mr. Roy. You must have a nerve to google Eritrea and know everything about the country in 3 minutes to be able to compare its worth with a salary of some football player. I would tell you what Eritrea means to its citizens and all opressed poeple around the globe. But, I do not think you deserve to know anything about the country. You just continue to be ignorant. You are doing a good job, ass hole!!

  4. Mr Tewelde, the GDP is an index of economic activity- just an indicator of the total goods manufactured and sold. It is by no means a metric that measures the worth of a country and its citizens. Of course, Eritrea means the world to its citizens and I mean no disrespect. My idea was to focus on the obscene amount of money that it would take to buy this particular footballer.

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