David Villa is going to Barcelona

David Villa has made up his mind.
The Real talks have stalled. The price is a sticking point. The EPL is less challenging than the Liga in its current shape and form, so Man Utd and Chelsea will have to opt for a lesser name.
Time for Barca to unveil their transfer kitty and spirit Villa away. He is much better matched with Messi, Xavi and Iniesta. I see the ultra competitive Villa flourishing in a system with so many goal supplying avenues. Plus, who would pass up the opportunity to play under Pep Guardiola, a player’s manager.
The Barca deal would involve €50m including the loan services of Martin Caceres and Bojan Krkic. That is a lot of talent and money which gives Valencia a much needed lifeline without a drastic drop off in performance.

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3 comments on “David Villa is going to Barcelona
  1. I am surprised that David Villa is going to Barcelona and come to think of it I think David Villa should have went to Real Madrid.Real Madrid is a great team and David Villa is a great player. The fans and members and players of Real Madrid Would have enjoyed David Villa at Real Madrid. Now David Villa Plays at Barcelona and The fans members and players of Barcelona are going to enjoy David Villa at barcelona just as Much as Real madrid would have enjoyed David Villa at Real Madrid.

  2. It is a good idea that David Villa is going to play for f.c bercelona.Bercelona is a world
    recognize team in the world history despite the
    fact that real madrid have money to buy the stricker David Villa real madrid is a floping
    team and they are now becoming unbecoming so i
    think is a good decission for DAVIA VILLA to
    play for fc bercelona

  3. Hi Gudiola, you are a very good manager, your thinkings are always good ones. please try and accomplish this good taught that you have in mind. Bring David Villa to Nou Camp because he has barca blood in him, i am sure when he comes, goals will continue to floor and the treble will repeat its self this season. and finally bring Fabregas.
    thank you.

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