Marca: Kaka to be unveiled at Real next week

As per the predatory Spanish media, its done and dusted. Kaka will officially be announced (In Spanish) as Florentino Perez’s first signing. It all capped a crazy day of rumours and contradicitions. At one point Adriano Galliani denied that he was in Madrid saying he was on the beach. The transfer is a record 65million euros and good for five years.
I talked about a fateful 15 hours and Kaka as a man of his word but apparently his father, Bosco Leite who is also Kaka’s agent got greedy. Real offered more money which meant a bigger cut to Leite. Reminds me of the Anelka situation where his brothers were his agents and wanted more money from clubs, so they would shop him around, making Anelka a rolling stone. Its hard to say no to family.
This is being heralded as move to equal Zidane. The real question is whether it will be enough to stop Barcelona which is what this is all about. Real’s motto is “In excess lies success”. My money is on Barca which has put in a dynasty investing in a stellar youth system and making careful transfer choices.

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