Silly season is on us

Did you hear about Chelsea’s “monster” bid for Pato a few days ago? Well, Milan said, no can do.
Now, it is a “stratospheric” amount for Samuel Eto’o to spirit him away to City. But Barca’s president, Joan La Porta knows that “stratospheric” may not be familiar to everyone. So he combines it with “monster”. As in:
‘Eto’o has a stratospheric offer from City, which would convert him into the best paid player in the world,” he told Catalan radio station iCat FM. ”It’s starting to become clear that he has this monster offer.
I would taken any Man City whiff of a transfer seriously. If there is anyone that can eclipse Real’s cash flow it is City’s owner Sheikh Mansour Al Nahyan.
And it gets better. Real cloak and dagger stuff. Arsenal are “hijacking” Man Utd’s efforts to sign Benzema. Imagine Benzema on the way to Sir Alex’s office. As he is about to open the door, Wenger wearing dark shades steps out of the shadows and with delectable economy of movement brings a chloroform soaked cloth to his face. Benzema wakes up togged in a Gunners kit and it is the start of the season against Everton. A copy of his signed contract lies in the locker room.
Cristiano Ronaldo has upped the ante so much that clubs have to resort to hyperbole to get attention. Any amount less is considered homely. Personally I love “eclipse.” I am hoping Milan makes an offer to “eclipse” all offers for Adebayor so that we can “hijack” players bound for Old Trafford or Stamford Bridge.

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