Why Tevez matters?

Carlos Tevez is reportedly so determined to leave Man Utd that there is no club that he has not been linked to. However, if you look carefully, it is not really a structural issue that is the problem.
The sticking point happens to be the lack of starting appearances where I agree he was shortchanged by Sir Alex. It is an easily remediable situation, because now he is needed more than ever. Man Utd’s depth chart is Wayne Rooney. After Berbs, who is a name in paper; there is Danny Welbeck and Kiki Macheda, who together count for 7 appearances.
They now have enough money to pay off the £25m to the third party consortium that owns his economic rights. Sir Alex’s targets are not in the bag yet, from Benzema to Antonio Valencia. Each one has their requirements, each one their pluses and minuses. It is safe to say that players from the Liga if they can be induced to come, will do so because of personal reasons, not to improve their quality of play. David Villa may join the EPL but at a huge price.
Tevez’s skills may not be world class. A large part of his allure is his inextricable connection with Man Utd’s fighting abilities. With him around there is always a chance right till the very end.

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