Aguirre calls Vela and Dos Santos the future of Mexican futbol

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Javier Aguirre almost never singles out players for praise. But he broke that rule when El Tri returned home yesterday. He called Giovani Dos Santos and Carlos Vela the foundation of Mexico’s future footballing aspirations.
“For their age, their time, for the situation they found themselves in, they performed brilliantly at such a young age. They are the bright future of Mexican soccer and form the basis for a future generation of young players and if they can fully realize their potential in both the national team and in their clubs, we can have a great generation of players.”
He also said that the team’s mental strength was the chief attribute to winning the Gold Cup.
“It was not easy facing an American team and carrying all those ghosts. But the team showed discipline both on and off the pitch and maturity as a group.”
Both Carlos Vela and Giovani Dos Santos are now favoured to start against the USA in the World Cup qualifier at the Estadio Azteca on August 12th.

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5 comments on “Aguirre calls Vela and Dos Santos the future of Mexican futbol
  1. If Dos Santos is the future of Mexican football, why then did Guardiola and La Porta show Dos Santos the door? Why has Dos Santos decamped to Ipswich Town to eke out a living in England? The crucial question is whether Vela, Guarardo, Marquez, Dos Santos and Ochoa have it within them to beat out the likes of physical football from Argentina and the sweeping game of Russia or Spain? Indeed, is one superb match against the American side enough to break into plaudits about the emerging brilliance of Mexico? I think not.

  2. Dos Santos needs to get more focused and toughen up. His mentality needs to improve.
    Dos Santos could emerge this season and here is the definitive discussion on the matter

  3. FB, Dos Santos was a teenage sensation after the U17 World Cup but to be fair he was never going to displace Messi or Iniesta from the Barca XI. He became surplus to Guardiola’s requirements. I think he has talent and with more experience he has shown what he is capable of, e.g., in this Gold Cup. To me he is far more creative than Luka Modric and if Redknapp knows what is good for him he should bring him back from Ipswich. Whether he takes Mexico to the next level remains to be seen. I think El Tri have a good nucleus but they need more teamwork.

  4. Wow! You are rating him higher than Luka Modric?
    I have to admit that I have not seen Modric play at Spurs to make a judgment. So, I have to rely on your’s. Being a lover of technically superior football, I secretly admire Mexico’s style of play.
    I dislike the American blood and thunder approach. So, I will be rejoicing-secretly-if Dos Santos shines on the world footballing stage.

  5. Being an Arsenal fan, I should not give Redknapp any more ideas but Modric has not been the creative force that he was meant to be. He needs space and does not do well against more physical teams who crowd him out. Dos Santos does well in tight spaces. He is hard to bring down.

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