Alisher Usmanov is a very mystified man nowadays

Having a doomsday prophet like Alisher Usmanov who believes that only he can save Arsenal becomes a drag after a while.
He does not get that his money is unwelcome and so are his suggestions through a surrogate that David Dein was never adequately replaced. As Arseblog correctly points out Usmanov offered a rights issue; very different from direct funding. It was a transparent ploy for a takeover. The surrogate Farhad Moshiri in a BBC interview with David Davies, a former associate of Dein, also says that Adebayor should not have been sold to Man City.
“That is the most worrying thing because Manchester City with their enormous firepower are one of the challengers for the fourth spot and I would have felt much better if he had been sold to any other club than Man City.”
That transfer took place because Milan lost interest and only City made a solid offer. If second guessing was what transfers were based on then no player would ever land up in City because they pose not only a threat to Arsenal but to the rest of the big clubs. It is an easy assumption that United, Liverpool, and Chelsea are safe. Which is why there is a war of words with Sir Alex and City that gives extra mustard to their derbies.

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2 comments on “Alisher Usmanov is a very mystified man nowadays
  1. • Let it be a lesson for the USA national team coach, when you play a final for the Gold cup, you better bring your best players or face destroying with your feet what you created with your hands. Reaching the final of the Confederations cup against Brazil was a great accomplishment and even loosing the final was not a negative for their reputation or soccer world rankings, in fact that game alone created a great deal of respect and interest for American players among the great European teams.
    The loss against Mexico, for the Gold cup final was by knockout. Mexico played a lot better, had better coaching more hearth, infinitely more desire and vastly superior talent on the field. The USA team had the biggest players in physical stature with a dwarf soccer IQ, no creativity and one dimensional. Highly defensive, highly inoffensive ,to win titles you need creative minds who create offensive plays that culminate in goals, against Mexico coach Bradley planted a team of robots with no programming for free creative flow, when Mexico took the lead in the game, their computer crashed,!Rage against the machine!

  2. Let me explain the ‘mystery’ to Usmanov and his lackeys/mouthpieces. His money is tainted. He sullys our club by associating himself with it. We don’t want him. Or his money.

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