Beckham: “I don’t owe Galaxy fans an apology”

That is some alternate world thinking. Does this man remember that Sir Alex threw a shoe at him for giving less than his best? The breakdown in relationship led to his Real transfer. If Beckham had done what he is doing at the Galaxy, he would have had fans tear him another orifice. The European leagues are far more unforgiving.
What needs to fortify is an assumption that the Galaxy can probably work well without Beckham. They are already showing signs of doing just that. It might be the best course of action since his plans lie elsewhere.
He is pursuing another Milan spell and has not ruled out a Premiership return most likely Chelsea because of the Ancelotti connection. Fabio Capello has stated that match experience in the European leagues is a prerequisite for an England recall. There itself is the death knell of the MLS makeover promised by Alexi Lalas and Tim Leiwecke. It is a conundrum. On one hand you want to lure foreign superstars in their prime to the MLS; on the other hand the coaches of those national teams are saying that the experience is worthless when it comes time to choose the squad. The MLS has to do a better job refining its search.
More Beckham:
He said: “What I’ve done for the league so far has been very successful, I’ve had a successful effect on the game here.
“You know, there are eight new franchises coming into the league, new stadiums going up (and) attendances, wherever we’ve played as a team.”
“If you look at the attendances we have had throughout the seasons, there’s not many Premiership (teams) that get the average attendance that we’ve had, excluding Manchester United and Arsenal and teams like that.”
Those franchise expansions were already in the works before Beckham arrived. And yes, he did drive up attendances in the beginning with the 60,000 fans that showed up at Giants stadium to see the Galaxy play the Red Bulls two years ago as a watershed moment. But missing the playoffs three times in a row proved a drag on attendances. They declined quite markedly. I can bet you that Burnley, the smallest Premiership club will exceed that average figure by far. So if Beckham is talking about a revolution, it has happened on its own and not by him proving to be a transformational figure.

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