Carlos Tevez has a Napoleonic complex

Carlos Tevez is riding a high. He is also Napoleonic.
Tevez has been in the news lately for hitting back at Sir Alex for claiming that the Argentinian did not return his calls which were made to persuade him to remain at Old Trafford. Tevez said that his former boss never contacted him.
“I was there for two years and Sir Alex never called or sent any text messages in that time.”
“It doesn’t seem that this is the way to treat a player in two years at the club. it doesn’t seem there is a line of communication.”

Fresh from that twisted story, here is another one. The City striker claims that Real contacted him and made an offer but there was no agreement. With Real having lined up Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Karim Benzema in short order and maybe more to come, it is understandable that Mr Tevez might be feeling a little left out from the center of gravity.
“There were talks about deals and agreements but in the end it was only City. They showed lots of interest in me and are intent on growing and signing big players.”
So Tevez spurned Real and that is why they signed Cristiano Ronaldo. Which means Mark Hughes has to feed this man’s ego. I give him two years at the Eastlands.

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