Gold Cup: US team work vs Mexico’s individual stars

This forms the the basis of the Gold Cup final.
The US have found ways to win through a bunch of different players with Clarence Goodson against Honduras the tenth player to score a goal in the tournament. The Mexican’s have relied on the attacking instincts of Giovanni Dos Santos and Miguel Sabah to lead their team to the finals.
Giovanni Dos Santos vs Stuart Holden
The two outstanding creative forces match their wits against each other. Both come into this match with equal number of assists. Dos Santos with his speed and low center of gravity attracts opposing players like flies. The knock: For all the bustle he creates, he cuts a lone figure in the midfield with few takers for his scoring opportunities. On the other hand Stuart Holden seems to have gained strength by creating the timely assist with his vision and opportunism. The US continue to finish off scoring chances in an efficient manner with a new player, in Goodson’s case, literally rising to the occasion.
Mexico’s attacking right flank vs Heath Pearce
The Mexicans have Alberto Medina, the right winger who has been prolific in set pieces opportunities. Against the Ticos his overlapping play with Dos Santos set up at least three scoring opportunities with Dos Santos himself missing out on a golden opportunity when he came a hair’s breadth away from heading the ball in. Robbie Rogers will have to track back to help out Heath Pearce who should have his hands full against these two.
Chad Marshall vs Sabah or Vela
Marshall’s responsibility will be to isolate Sabah or Vela in Mexico’s 4-5-1 scheme from Santos or Medina. Sabah has profited from his opportunism and with four goals leads the scoring table. His streak ended when he missed a penalty against the Ticos which gave Arsenal’s Carlos Vela an opportunity to show of his speed and to team up with Dos Santos, both stars of the U17 squad that brought Mexico World Cup glory four years ago.
US set pieces and counterattacks
Both represent the best chances for a US win. They have an edge from corners and free kicks with Goodson, Marshall, Cooper, and Ching strong in the box. Robbie Rogers and Stuart Holden can turn on the burners to get Arnaud/ Cooper and Ching in position for a quick strike.

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