Juventus in advanced negotiations for Melo

Arsenal seem to have fallen off the radar.
La Gazzetta dello Sport is reporting that Juventus is going ahead with negotiations to get the Brazilian midfielder on board and in exchange offer 20 million euros and winger Marco Marchionni to the Violas. A hitch between Juve’s sports director Pantaleo Corvino and Melo’s agent Bruno Carpiaggiani over Marchionni’s purported value of a few hundred thousand euros needs to be sorted out.
Juventus president Cobolli Gigli said that the negotiations were going ahead but there was nothing official to report as yet. They were scheduling more meetings with the Violas. He hoped that the negotitions would prove successful in the end.
For Arsenal fans the chances of landing Melo at this stage are slim to none. Juventus seems to be in pole position. Melo has reportedly said that he likes Italy and his present club which would mean that if he had to move at all, it would be to another Italian club if the offer was good.

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