Obama makes a plug for USA’s World Cup bid

Sepp Blatter was in town recently for the Gold Cup final and then flew down to DC, invited to the White House for a meeting with Barack Obama. The FIFA president formally invited the US president to attend the World Cup in South Africa next year. Obama also took the opportunity to make a plug for USA’s bid for the 2018 or 2022 World Cup.
They also took sometime to play a bit of one on one. Blatter was impressed with Obama’s soccer skills when they kicked a ball with one another. Looks like attending Malia and Sasha Obama’s matches have their fringe benefits.
England is pretty much the abortive favourite for landing the 2018 World Cup if these things go strictly by rotation. The US stands a better chance with the next one.

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One comment on “Obama makes a plug for USA’s World Cup bid
  1. I would love to see Obama at next year’s world cup…Is it too late for me to get there myself?…lol
    Hopefully the US will get their heads out of the dirt by 2018 or 2022 and be ready to support futbol in the US the same way that we do American sports. So many talented athletes here and it’s a shame when they don’t receive the love that futbol players get overseas. We need a huge American audience here before the US can make a bid to host the 2018/2022 World Cup…
    Follow me!!!

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