2 comments on “The poster that gives Sir Alex heartburn
  1. To be honest, all this does is show the massive inferiority complex that City have. They’re much like Spurs in that respect, a team who will never do anything worthwhile until they stop comparing every move they make to their bigger, more successful neighbors.
    As for this poster, I think it’s particularly inflammatory, but only because of the way in which Tevez left United. He led the United fans on, made them believe he’d stay if they backed him, and then he left anyway, to go to a team that would then make posters to ridicule said fans.
    City fans will counter by saying that there’s a banner ridiculing City’s lack of success at Old Trafford, except that the sign they mention is probably made by some bitter Old Trafford season ticket holder. City’s sign is made by, paid for, and put up by the actual club. It shows a loser’s mentality that they consider signing Tevez to be a “victory.” United consider winning the Champions League to be a “victory,” by comparison.
    Either way, I think that with a better manager, City will become a top four fixture. It just depends on whether they replace Liverpool or Arsenal. Arsenal look like the likely team at the moment, but they’ll finish above Liverpool if Alonso and Mascherano go to Spain.

  2. Andrew, I think City has been quite crass too. Tevez and Adebayor have indulged in a lot of mudslinging against their former clubs. The poster just encourages the vitriol. And yes, Mark Hughes only has this season to prove himself. If not he’ll be gone to be replaced by someone like Juergen Klinsmann or Bernd Schuster.

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