The Vuvuzelas win!

FIFA rejects calls to ban the wind instrument.
“It’s been compared to a deafening swarm of wasps. Or a herd of flatulent elephants.”
How about we will never have to suffer through Max Bretos and Christopher Sullivan’s whingeing drivel?
For all those naysayers who think SA is going to be a crime haven, the vuvuzela will be the perfect crime stopper. One blast of the vuvuzela and the robber will be gone. If not, you can whack him in the knees with one. They make fantastic drinking funnels and with some modifications would make great hookahs. Drunk and stoned. What more can one ask for?
I predict that when everything is done and over with, the tourists will have bought up every single vuvuzela there is to take back home. So get vuvuzealous!
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