Video: Freddie Ljunges forward in a dive

Clear dive. Freddie was up to naughty things. I missed this gem being busy over the weekend. The referee called him out on it and he had a hissy fit which then led to his ejection. After the incident Ljungberg went after the referee Baldemero Toledo.
“I complained in the beginning and I hit my chest and then I hear his whistle and blah, blah, blah, and he gives me the red card,” Ljungberg said. “I just have to rise above it, I’m not going to go down to his level and start screaming and complaining about things. But it’s sad: He’s destroying a beautiful game.”
Ljungberg was asked if he regretted not simply walking away, thereby preserving Seattle’s one-man advantage.
“No,” he said. “It’s an important game and he got a lot of things wrong in the game. Even players on the other team were laughing behind his back and saying, ‘He’s on our side today, Freddie.’ It’s not the way a game should be. If I would have just walked away (it would have appeared that) I wouldn’t care to win the game. And that’s not me. I always want for us to do well, and it’s important to do well in this league.”
The MLS have discovered their Rob Styles but even Styles was correct once in a while and this was the case with Ljungberg.

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