Arsenal vs Man Utd: One moment is all it took

If we can take anything from this match, it is this: Man Utd will have to rely on such huge slices of luck if they want to win the Premiership.
For Arsenal, even the best laid plans can go awry. As shown admirably by Abou Diaby.
Discipline has never been a friend of the young no matter how talented.
One moment of madness and Man Utd were two goals to the good in a matter of minutes. I can only feel for Arsene Wenger who looked like someone had landed a blow right to the solar plexus. Till then Utd had done very little. In fact, Arshavin’s stinging shot that flew past Ben Foster’s hands was a perfect summation of the Gunners dominance.
Emmanuel Eboue showed why he should be Wenger’s next transfer project. His booking over a foolish dive with Eduardo’s hot of the presses incident shows a clueless player. It is dangerous because it can harden negative perceptions of a team.
These lapses should concern Wenger. The time for moral victories is over. Arsenal might have been a better team but these moments of indiscipline proved costly.

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