Donovan was ill with swine flu at the Azteca

Landon Donovan’s listless defending of Efren Juarez’s run down the right flank that created Sabah’s game winning goal was one of the pivotal moments of the Mexico match. Well, there is a reason behind it.
He apparently has the H1N1 virus which causes swine flu leading to a feeling of lethargy at the Azteca. He had apparently been feeling ill since the USA squad met for training camp in Florida.
“I’ve never felt that bad,” said Donovan. “The last time I was there [at Estadio Azteca] I didn’t feel that bad. I just felt lethargic, slow. I didn’t feel normal.”
He is keen to start against the Seattle Sounders this weekend but there is a possibility he might not be allowed to play given the contagious nature of the flu and its potential spread to other players including David Beckham. How is that for upsetting a relationship on the mend? It takes a week after symptoms resolve to resume human contact.

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One comment on “Donovan was ill with swine flu at the Azteca
  1. Well shucks man, it did seem like quite the coinky-dink at first… given that he was in swine-flu land. But hey, I’d hate Mexico anyway. Not out of xenophobia, but because they don’t have a single player who’s not a total jackass.
    If Lamps or Rio came back from some third world country with some bizarre illness I think you guys over there would get a little curious too.
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