Durban looks beyond the World Cup

Moses Mabhida1.jpg
The beautiful Moses Mabhida stadium nearing completion
Durban’s ambitions don’t stop at just the World Cup.
“City officials aim to turn Durban into Africa’s capital for sports, entertainment and other events and make no secret of their ultimate target – to host the Olympics.”
The centerpiece of this venture is the 60, 000 seat state of the art Moises Mahbida stadium. With its distinctive arch that spans 350-metres (1,150 foot) long arch, shaped like the Y on South Africa’s flag, symbolising the unity of a long-divided nation.
The city plans to push for the 2020 or 2024 Olympics. In the meantime, officials are trying to persuade the Sharks, the rugby team to move to the stadium once the World Cup is over.

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