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  1. Nevertheless the reaction to it from some pundits has been ludicrously over the top. The first goal last night was always going to be crucial, it’s a shame it came about the way it did, but can anyone really tell me that over the course of the 180 minutes it made a difference to the overall result? Celtic had two shots on target over both legs. One tame effort in the first half of the first leg and one in the 92nd minute last night which resulted in Donati’s goal.
    Arsenal scored five goals. Even without the Eduardo penalty we’d have won last night yet they’re bleating on about Eduardo being a ‘cheat’. It’s funny but these are the same people who told you ‘Tiny Taylor’ “isn’t that kind of guy” when he shattered Eduardo’s leg and ankle and put him out of football for over a year. It’s easy to condemn a dive, it’s safe, yet you rarely hear the same condemnation for acts of violence or dangerous tackles.
    Eduardo is a cheat yet Michael Owen is ‘clever’ when he wins a penalty against Argentina with a dive. Steven Gerrard is notoriously light on his feet yet he carries no reputation as a diver. You can be sure that Eduardo will after one incident. Jingoism? Xenophobia? Arsenalism? Call it what you want but we all know there are rules that don’t apply to some because of who they play for or what international shirt they pull on.
    I’m not trying to excuse him or justify it but a little perspective is needed. Eduardo’s dive was not his finest moment but in the grand scheme of things it meant little and he does not deserve the kind of vilification he’s received from some quarters. It was just a dive. It wasn’t this. It wasn’t this either. Football would be better served if people paid more attention to things that really damaged the game.
    Now, regular readers will know I’m all for retrospective punishment. That if there’s a way to punish a player for an obvious dive after the fact then it should be looked at. It would certainly act as a deterrent, because diving is something we should try and get rid of as much as possible. I’ve got some sympathy for the Celtic players because we’ve been on the receiving end of a dive more than once. Rooney’s leap over Sol Campbell to end the Invincibles run at Old Trafford and Dirk Kuyt in the Champions League quarter-final spring to mind – both of them affected us far more than Eduardo’s tumble did Celtic last night. Yet I didn’t hear much in the way of criticism for those players.
    So while I’ll happily hold my hands up and admit Eduardo took a dive last night, and I’ll agree with you that it’s not nice to see, don’t expect me to sit here and let the press and pundits go to town a man who does not deserve that kind of treatment. If we had won the tie 1-0 then maybe there’s a point worth making. The fact is Arsenal scored five, might have scored at least a few more than that, Celtic had two shots on target over two games and Arsenal were more than good value for the win.
    And I’ll happily fight anyone who disagrees with me. Yes, I will.

  2. I am a life long arsenal fan and i thought the dive by Eduardo was a disgrace.
    We do not need to cheat to win.

  3. Wale
    I see this as a bit of a continuing theme, a perception that centers around bigger clubs getting away with such calls. It does not just become a dive or an offside goal allowed but a more overt symbol of allowing favoured teams to win. Even bigger clubs are not immune. Chelsea’s persecution complex came to the fore against Barca in the CL semi-finals. So while Eduardo’s dive may not have materially changed the outcome of the match it does reinforce this sense of aggravation.
    However to single out Eduardo and to make him a target of what is wrong with the game is stupid. There have been far more egregious examples of dives that have made all the difference. I think Fabio Grosso’s dive that put Italy through against Australia in the 2006 World Cup was in that category. Even Mowbray said “I haven’t seen the reruns but all the boys felt there wasn’t any contact for the penalty. But we can’t say Arsenal didn’t deserve to go through.” Which I think really should be the point.

  4. footybanter
    Agreed but why should he be the only target of such outrage? Every big player does it- Ronaldo, Rooney, Drogba, Gerrard – they have all dived and gotten away with it.

  5. Players cheat all over the place to get goals and prevent goals, pulling shirts, blocking players’ runs, so why the big deal about diving? If a player holds back a defender on a corner or freekick and it leads to a goal, I don’t hear anyone calling for that player to get a retrospective ban. It’s still cheating, and the player knows exactly what they’re doing. I think it’s down to referees to make better decisions, maybe with the support of video evidence or extra officials.
    Can anyone explain the difference to me?

  6. It is called the beautiful game for a reason, not the game of pussies that fall on the ground and pretend to get hit. It is beyond a disgrace it takes away from the true competitive nature of the game. It is one thing to tug a jersey, or commit a foul, but diving is in a different class. Pretending you got taken down to try and usher a freebie against the keeper. That is some faggy shit and i’m not surprised to see it from a sissy londoner. fuck eduardo and arsenal they are all pussies

  7. Eduardo didn’t dive. He was running, he has a little touch from the goal keeper(If the goal keeper is checked by his medical team, you may see a scar on his leg ha ha ha. A very small touch from the goal keeper can make Eduardo fall and also that he landed on the ground after from the goal keeper will also make him fall. It will then be upto the refree to make the judgement and give or deny the penality. It has nothing to do with Eduardo…. Leave him in peace. Any one can fall on the ground for the same reason

  8. a few years ago when arsenal went 49 games unbeaten ,we went to old traford and rooney dived clearly and won a penalty ,it changed the game and manu won,very different headlines the next day to whats been said about eddi today ,i don’t even think it was mentioned!was video evidence used to discipline martin taylor when he intentionally maimed eduardo at birmingham? we see it week in week out 50/50 balls with the keeper and the forward knocks it just beyond the keepers reach, the keeper commits to the ball ,doesn’t get to it ,obstructs the forward and he goes to ground ,its a penalty !its clear to see that boric doesn’t comit to the ball but does indeed obtruct eduardo ,to me its a penalty!

  9. what about using that video evidence to review borics ranting and raving with the ref ! what do they call it ,ungentlemanly conduct or decent or something ,who really gives a —-! the fact is celtic were never gonna win this tie anyway,and if by some magical miracle or a really good prayer from the pope himself they won, they would have got 30mil.sour grapes celtic ,try again next year yous might fluke your way in some how,i just wont hold my breath!ps. hows your holly goalies Mrs.

  10. He dove. He cheated. He should be punished. This is a great step for football. It’s been too long coming.
    In many other sports you are accountable for your actions after the game by a tribunal of people determined to uphold the integrity and reputation of the game.
    I can’t see why soccer should be any different.

  11. today Rooney also made unbelievable dive and nobody talks about it. Shameful for English football. Rooney can do it, Eduardo no. Why??
    Eduardo’s leg was broken last year and Taylor got banned for only 3 games and now Eduardo should be banned 2?
    Player for simulation gets yellow card, anything else is stupidity.
    Watch how did Rooney dive today and then say something

  12. DELANEY is heading the panel deciding Eduardos future.. Delaney is the main reason Roy Keane walked in Saipan, and the reason Irish Football has gone to shit. He doesn’t claim to know anything about football, nor does he care. It’s all just money in the bank.
    Anyone Remember Robbie Fowler (Coincidentally against Arsenal), jumping over Seaman, and calling for the referee to RETRACT his penalty.. Could be the exact same reason Eduardo jumped/dived. Instinct. I think it’s unfortunate Eduardo was the first to be caught this season, it would have been more fitting on somebody like Drogba. I think the proposed punishment should stand for repeat offenders. If somebody is seen diving twice, then Ban/fine them. Eg, somebody remarked on Rooneys dive, if he is seen doing it a second time, then (Excuse the pun) He doesn’t have a leg to stand on, when he is put in front of a panel.

  13. firstly, the 2 goals arsenal scored in the first leg resulted from a freak rebound and an unfortunate own goal..possesion doesnt matter if you dont score and arsenal didnt that night, not in the conventional way they normally do..celtic done a good job of frustrating arsenal-which had to be the plan as arsenal are the better side- and try and take a chance if it came their way,it didnt..
    as for the second leg,their is no argument again over who played the better football overall,but,eduardos dive and resulting penalty was a huge factor in the outcome of this game..arsenal came out and played celtic of the park in the 2nd half..its easy to play flowing football when you are relaxed with the fact your 3-0 up.. how relaxed would they have been if mcdonald went down in the box for a celtic penalty and scored??? 0-1 (2-1 agg) game on…
    why are arsenal and wenger appealing this?? he is still not sure that eduardo was untouched!!!look at the video evidence……
    if you really really squint and if you really want to believe and if you click your heels together 3 times then maybe, just maybe, you can see that a hair from boruc’right knee ever so slightly graizes eduardos ‘aura’
    wenger you hypocrite..the only thing that helped eduardo to the floor was his win bonus..
    you got your C/L spot and your money but at least have the dignity/sanity to see the truth when its literally staring you in the face!!!!

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