Mexico dominates the US and wins, 2-1

A game dominated by El Tri as the US increasingly doubled down in their half after Charlie Davis superb finish of a Donovan through pass in the 9 minute. The lead was short lived as Ismael Castro equalized about 10 minutes later belting a ball from about 30 yards away.
Blanco was the pick of the players controlling the midfield. Once he was subbed in the second half Dos Santos came into his own. The pace of the match was dictated entirely by the Mexicans as fatigue took its toll. In the 82nd minute Juarez beat Donovan down the right, DeMerit tackled the ball but it fell straight to Sabah who finished of the chance.
The US continued its futility at the Estadio Azteca and now the all time record stands at 0-19-1.
Once again the US was found wanting in possession. I have said this, the US does a superb job of converting goals with the opportunities it gets but it has difficulties in retaining the ball. That might work against lesser teams but with the tougher opposition that is almost always playing with fire.
Oguchi Onyewu, Jay DeMerit and Carlos Bocanegra were booked and Onyewu will miss the next match against El Salvador on September 5th.

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2 comments on “Mexico dominates the US and wins, 2-1
  1. U can’t still win in azteca and you never will, better luck nxt time. US will never become part of the soccer elite while they keep playing this pussy style of soccer. if you’re gonna be the best. you’ll better prove it during the 90 minutes. not with your “defend & counter attitude”
    congrats to mexico wich never gave up and really showed up some HUEVOS. keep up the great job.

  2. No way Joe:
    Since when has Mexico been part of the football elite? Mexico is still in the lower tier of the football world inspite of having hosted the World Cup as early as 1970. Countries that once did not exist because of the Iron Curtain have excelled where Mexico has failed-at the World Cup. The Mexican players go to Europe and fail because they do not have the spirit to succeed, unlike the Brazilians, Argentinians, and Cote d’ Ivorans. Countries such as Croatia, Serbia and Russia have done better to promote their style of football than Mexico. Football is not America’s national sport. It is your’s. And, yet, your Mexico beats up on the little fellows-Trinidad, Haiti etc. However, when Mexico beats Argentina, Russia, Holland, Croatia, France, Italy REGULARLY you can post postings like the one you did.

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