Negredo to Hull City

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Phil Brown confirms that striker Alvaro Negredo has been a Hull City transfer target. The club has been negotiating with Real for about six weeks and a deal is likely to be concluded soon. Real’s insistence that a buyback clause be inserted into the contract has slowed down the process.
The Spanish giant will get £12 million for his transfer which will be a rare event since most of the focus this season has been of their profligate spending.
However, with the Negredo negotiations out in the open, other clubs have stepped up their interest. The striker has said that Roma remains his first choice. Phil Brown was hoping that the transfer would be conducted in relative secrecy.
“We’re in that horrible position where we’re talking about a player but he’s not ours,” said Brown.
“I’m very mindful of that but with everyone knowing about it, the chances become less and less.
If Hull City can pull this off then it will be a coup, a very big coup.

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