Paul Merson gets a bit of stick

Glen Johnson might end up proving his critics wrong.
Amongst them Arsenal’s Paul Merson.
“I’ve got nothing against the player, I think he was outstanding for Portsmouth last year, but I just don’t think you should be spending that amount of money on somebody who plays at right-back.”
So far the right wing back has proven to be an outstanding acquisition.

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2 comments on “Paul Merson gets a bit of stick
  1. I watched Soccer Saturday yesterday and Merson also said that Johnson can’t defend. He said that he’s alright against the smaller teams because Liverpool won’t be under that much pressure, but playing a bigger team he might crumble.
    Only time will tell if that statement is accurate.

  2. Its the same with Gareth Bale. Fantastic coming forward but forgets to track back and make timely tackles. He’s disappeared from Spurs.

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