Ruben de la Red: A cautionary tale

Real Madrid midfielder Ruben de la Red was counseled to sit out the 2009-2010 season
after fainting in a match against Real Union Irun on October 30th last year. He is to undergo testing every two months for a yet to be confirmed heart condition.
Today, he spoke about Dani Jarque.
“I am fortunate because what happened to Jarque could have happened to me. I am lucky to be here with what happened to me in IrĂșn.”
He also called on fans to support Jarque’s family and Espanyol through this crisis. The midfielder also said that “We must work to ensure that this does not happen again.”
Ruben de la Red’s condition has been managed well because the club took the initiative to sit the player down and discuss his health issues. I think most clubs are geared towards musculoskeletal and neurological testing but hidden conditions like ARVD/ ARVC can go undetected because it involves an extensive battery of tests at considerable expense. Plus, there are economic implications with such a devastating condition. A player could lose his career instantly and a club, expensive transfer fees. Red was fortunate that Real is a rich club which makes it easy for them to afford this testing. Some of that TV money which runs into millions of dollars can be kept aside and fund necessary tests to uncover these cardiomyopathies and its management.
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