The gloves come off: Wenger says anti-football

What is anti-football?
Paul Dirac’s thesis that there exists anti-matter, i.e., the opposite of normal matter, was proven right by the discovery of a number of anti-particles. Positrons, anti-protons, and even anti-atoms have been discovered. When matter and anti-matter collide they produce explosions of pure energy and both particles are completely destroyed. We can create such anti matter by smashing atoms at high speeds through accelerators.
Arsene Wenger has a physicists sensibility.
He claims to have discovered anti-football and it is at Old Trafford. When anti-football and football collide then it produces bookings and penalties. In this case, there were nine bookings and one penalty. The balance was not to Wenger’s liking. In the field of particle physics, matter always scores out against anti-matter because there are such few anti-particles. However, in football the opposite holds true because there is a phenomenon called Old Trafford-ish. It creates more anti-football and it can overwhelm football as it did Arsenal this weekend.
Yes, we were the recipients of some harsh bookings, a non-call on a clear penalty, and a possible bogus penalty call but to call it anti-football is a bit over the top. Its the same reaction to Eduardo’s dive which Wenger is so quick to point out. Sir Alex might have come up with an enforcement plan for Fletcher to execute; unaesthetic certainly but hardly illegal. Arsenal still gets the majority of the blame for not winning this match. I say this as a fan.

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