Video: Steven Gerrard’s innumerable Eduardo moments

Eduardo’s dive might have been despicable but here is a video of Steven Gerrard elevating it to an art form. Its the complete package. No one talks of the Liverpool talisman because it provides a different narrative from foreign footballers ruining the English league with their cheating ways.
I suppose Eduardo’s dive fits well with Mark Hughes xenophobic description of what Arsenal does as ‘ a touch of the dark arts.’ It might explain the over the top reaction.

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2 comments on “Video: Steven Gerrard’s innumerable Eduardo moments
  1. This wouldn’t be a case of an Arsenal fan taking exception to Eduardo’s dive now would it? 😉
    There’s no debating Eduardo’s dive, although the UEFA “investigation” is far too harsh.

  2. How did you guess? :) Yes, the double standards are obvious. Eduardo’s dive was despicable but not unique. UEFA has reacted to it as if this is the first time such a thing has happened.

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