Wenger gets sent off for kicking a water bottle

Wenger got sent off the field for kicking a water bottle.Van Persie’s last gasp goal had been ruled offside.Who wouldn’t have kicked a water bottle at that?In fact,in the light of all the frustration that preceded that offside call,all credit must be given to Wenger for only kicking a water bottle and not kicking anything else. But a self righteous rule book toting fourth official thought otherwise.He complained to the ref who then gave Wenger his marching orders.If ever there was a fourth official who needed to be kicked where it matters it was him (or do I mean he?).However Wenger restrained himself and moved off into the Man U portion of the stands in a dignified manner.This was also found unacceptable to the official and the farce continued till Wenger moved into an area that the rule book allowed water bottle kicking managers to stand in after they had been sent off.In the first half Arshavin was brought down in the penalty area-shortly before he scored that brilliant goal.The ref didn’t see anything that violated the rules and a legitimate penalty was denied.Not exactly a game where the officials covered themselves with glory for being impartial and accurate and objective in their decisions.

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  1. Same thing happened to Steve Staunton when he was manager of Ireland, so while making it taking two minutes to happen was preposterous, it’s not unprecedented.
    As for the Arsenal penalty shout, Arshavin wouldn’t have scored his wonderful goal had they been given the penalty, so it wouldn’t change the result.
    Still, Mike Dean is a terrible referee. I thought United’s penalty, while a definite foul, was a harsh call to make in the penalty area. I guess he was trying to make up for his bad call against United in last year’s FA Cup semi-final.

  2. Hoe demeaning for a man of Wenger’s Calibre. I think that decision is absolutely disgusting and ridiculous. Im sure the foul on by fletcher on arsharvin warranted that kind of response by the fourth official, but clearly the (extremely poor) officials of this game see kicking a water bottle out of pure frustration worse than a clear dangerous tackle. The way Wenger handled himself under so much scrutiny from the stupid mancehster fans and along with his post match interview show the measure of a man who will always be admired by so many. And to those who criticize Wenger’s defense of Eduardo, i say would you not defend your own player? think of the results of not defending him? . The past week has simply highlighted the DOUBLE STANDARDS so pertinent within the premier league.

  3. Andrew,
    Its been tough going with the likes of Graham Poll, Rob Stiles, Mark Clattenburg but Mike Dean has quietly mustered a record of incompetence. A betting syndicate scandal, being replaced by Alan Wiley, and this latest episode. It was a clear foul on Arshavin by Fletcher. Maybe it would not have a difference in the end but at that moment we could not have made that judgment.

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