Castrol may have to look for another brand ambassador

David Beckham was Castrol’s ambassador in the last World Cup .Cristiano Ronaldo is the chosen one for World Cup 2010 .However Portugal have their backs to the wall and are staring at a possible elimination from the proceedings.Castrol will be seriously thinking of plan B.

Plan B might have been Messi – but just now that’s not looking like such a great idea either…!
So they have to figure out plan C.
It’s a pity really because they have taken a whole lot of trouble to figure out some stuff about both these players that makes Superman’s ability to run faster than a speeding bullet look pretty tame by comparision.
Examples :
Ronaldo maintains his amazing physique by lifting in excess of 20 tonnes – the equivalent of 10 Audi 4x4s – during a full weight training session.
▪ Meanwhile, the force exerted by Lionel Messi in full flight is the equivalent weight of seven men. And when jumping Messi generates more power than a cheetah does in full flight.
▪ Victor Valdes will be warned – if Ronaldo is given the chance to launch one of his trademark free kicks, the Barca keeper will face a ball accelerating at 32 metres per second compared to a Formula 1 car at 4.6 metres per second.
▪ And Real Madrids defenders will need to cope with Messi’s astonishing agility that allows him to make more turns and changes of direction in one game than a Formula 1 car competing in the Silverstone Grand Prix race.

It doesn’t say if they have managed to figure out if Ronaldo and Messi are affected in any way by green kryptonite but there’s a whole lot of more awe inspiring data about them here..

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