Thierry might be another familiar face missing from World Cup 2010..

Some familiar faces that we may not see at World Cup 2010.Domenech’s French side came up with another dismal display resulting in a 1-1 draw against Romania at the Stade de France on Saturday. Thierry Henry might be another familiar face gone missing from the World Cup next year unless France come up with some missing magic.Some rumours of a confrontation between Henry and Domenech are doing the rounds..What he apparently said was ..”Coach, I have something to tell you. I am speaking in the name of the squad. We are getting bored during your training sessions. In 12 years I have never seen such a situation. We do not know how to play, where to be on the pitch. We have no style, no guidelines. It is not working.” Of course it would have been in french so some bits of that might have got lost in the translation.But one hopes Domenech got the gist of the message..

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