Turkish tobacco: Rooney was the spittoon

The Wayne Rooney flare up where he slammed his boot to the ground and everyone thought it was because he was reacting to being substituted. Juicy Carlos Tevez redux?
Nah, it turns out that he was reacting to Besiktas fans who were spitting upon him. Yes, Rooney was the spittoon for all that Turkish tobacco. And so on the eve of the derby it is a non story, folks. It was not angst at being subbed, it was those pesky fans enacting their version of Gallipoli that made me do it!
If you look at the video, you can see Rooney walking away clearly looking as if he could club a baby seal as Owen is bought on. Feeling a bit miffed at being taken out is perfectly understandable but this PR campaign is taking it a bit too far.


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