Wanted big target men for Argentina: Paging Hernan Crespo

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An airborne Argentinian. Say it isn’t so. Crespo shows his aerial abilities.
Please help out Don Diego.
He should go for a 4-2-3-1 with either Diego Milito, Gonzalo Higuain, and the best of the lot, poacher exemplar Hernan Crespo as the lone striker allowing the three man attacking midfield in Datolo, Aguero, and Messi to become more creative, open up the spaces, and create goal scoring opportunities. Crespo also provides Veron the option of a snapshot cross or long ball.
To expect Leo Messi to do what he did against Man Utd with his second goal you will need the sort of supply that Xavi provides. And Jesus Datolo’s long distance lash, as spectacular it was, shows it took a special effort to beat the Brazilian defense.
I am talking about the half chance, the opportune foot, the slide, the deflection. And throughout his career Crespo has provided that. It is not pretty football but it is effective. And that is what Argentina needs.
Crespo is second in the all time Argentinian goal scoring list and the leader in World Cup qualifiers. He is second to the most consummate goal scorer Gabriel Batistuta who Maradona fought for to get included to the 1998 World Cup. At 6’2″ Batigol was an unmistakable presence providing a striking contrast to the pint sized Aerial Ortega. Big men were part of the national squad at one time. That was when the Argentinians wore a a rugged look and were famously combative. Juan Pablo Sorin, Diego Simeone, Oscar Ruggeri all come to mind.
The skill of Leo Messi has changed all of that. However, without the skill of a fabulous supporting cast which he enjoys at Barca, he has to go it alone. Plenty of ball possession but going nowhere as the final yards of the pitch becomes predictably the problem.
Crespo is now with Genoa as his Inter career stalled under Jose Mourinho. Part of the reason he gave was that making regular appearances would allow him to get back to the national squad. Maybe it is time for Maradona to swallow his pride and get some River Plate talent. Yes, Crespo and Gonzalo Higuain might be given the shaft because of club affiliation. It is time for Maradona to stop believing in pixie dust.

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2 comments on “Wanted big target men for Argentina: Paging Hernan Crespo
  1. Why would one ever choose Crespo over Higuain at this point? Higuain was the leading scorer for Real Madrid last year while Crespo is 34 and playing for Genoa. I know I just commented about this on another post but the fact that Higuain hasn’t been capped for Argentina is just ludicrous considering that he would seem to be about the perfect foil for Messi in that he can play as a target man but has better movement and on the ball skills than most target men.

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